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Consumer Health Products

Our answers pertain to consumer-directed advertising under the following:
Nonprescription Drug and Natural Health Product Advertising  
  • Food and Drugs Act and Regulations  
  • Health Canada’s Guidance Document: Consumer Advertising Guidelines for Marketed Health Products 
Prescription Drug Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCA)  
  • Section C.01.044 of the Regulations under the Food and Drugs Act
  • Health Canada Notice: Product Package Representations in Branded Prescription Drug Reminder Ads Directed to Consumers
  • Health Canada Policy: Advertising Campaigns of Branded and Unbranded Messages  
Medical Condition/Disease State Direct-to-Consumer Information (DTCI)  
  • Health Canada Policy: The Distinction Between Advertising and Other Activities
  • Health Canada Policy: Advertising Campaigns of Branded and Unbranded Messages  
Vaccine Advertising
  • Food and Drugs Act and Regulations
  • Health Canada Interim Guidance: Fair Balance in Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Vaccines
I manufacture a Selenium tablet and would like to advertise this natural health
product (NHP) as an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health. This claim is not in my Product Licence (PL), but is one of the claims listed in the Natural Health Products Directorate Monograph for Selenium. Is this a claim that would be permissible in advertising?
Health Canada has authorized my natural health product with the following Recommended Use “Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a diuretic.” Can I shorten this in my advertisement to state the product is simply a “diuretic”?
I am a prescription drug manufacturer in the process of creating an unbranded, disease-related Facebook page that I will be sending to ASC for clearance. The website will have a “Forum” section where participants can post comments and engage in conversations with other members. Does ASC evaluate the entire website, including the postings in the “Forum” or can I just send in the main sections of the Facebook page for review?
Question: Is the information regarding TMA on the Health Canada website, sufficient to use as guidance when writing a commercial? Clients are reluctant to release the product licence, and if the HC site contains all the information I need, do I still need to get a copy of the entire product licence?
Is it acceptable to show someone consuming an over-the-counter drug product in an advertisement?

ASC Disclaimer

Finally, there are a few important points to remember. First, ASC’s brief answers to your questions do not replace, and don’t carry the same weight as, ASC’s formal response to the advertising material you submit to us for approval. You must still submit advertisements for approval. To be safe, be sure to submit them to us before, not after, you’ve produced the advertising. Second, it’s not possible for ASC to provide totally comprehensive and all-inclusive answers to your questions. What you’ll read here are specific answers from us to your specific questions. Even a slight change in the facts could alter our response. And third, it should be understood that our answers to your questions are intended to provide nothing more than guidance. In the same vein, ASC disclaims liability for any errors, inconsistencies or omissions.