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Advertising Dispute Procedure - Definitions

For the purposes of the Advertising Dispute Procedure, the following definitions will apply:

"Advertiser" means a legal entity (including, without limitation, a trade association, but specifically excluding its Advertising Agency or Agencies acting in that capacity) that is engaged in the use of Advertising; OR whose product(s) and/or service(s) is/are the subject of, or prominently featured in, the complained-of Advertising or a portion thereof, whether or not that Advertising was prepared or placed by the Advertiser, directly or indirectly, in any medium for communication to Canadians; OR that, in the opinion of ASC, may be adversely affected by Advertising about which a Complaint has been lodged.

"Advertising" means "Advertising" as defined in the Code.

"Advertising Agency" means any organization engaged in the creation and/or placement of Advertising.

"Affiliate" means a parent, subsidiary or sister company.

"ASC" means Advertising Standards Canada.

"Code" means the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, administered by ASC.

"Complaint" means a written complaint received by ASC from an Advertiser alleging that another Advertiser’s Advertising does not conform to the Code.

"Fee" means the applicable fee payable under this Procedure pursuant to Paragraph 6.13 below.

"Member" means an entity that is a member-supporter of ASC, in good standing at the time of the Complaint.

"Non-Member" means an entity that is a not a Member.

"Panel/Panels" see under "Advertising Dispute Resource Group" below.

"Panellist" see under "Advertising Dispute Resource Group" below.

"Procedure" means this Advertising Dispute Procedure.

"Advertising Dispute Resource Group" means the group of individuals appointed by ASC pursuant to Paragraph 4 below. From this group, the members of the Advertising Dispute Panels, Review Panels and Appeal Panels (collectively sometimes referred to as "Panels" and individually as a "Panel") will be drawn. Each person on a "Panel" will be known as a "Panellist".