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Advertising Standards Canada Announces 2010/2011 Board of Directors

TORONTO, April 27, 2010 -- Advertising Standards Canada is pleased to announce that Randy Otto has been elected Chair of the Board for the coming year. The 2010/2011 Board of Directors includes the following members:

  • Randy Otto (Chair)
    Pattison Outdoor Advertising
  • John Coyne (Vice Chair)
    Unilever Canada Inc.
  • Lorraine Hughes (Treasurer)
    OMD Canada
  • Ron Lund
    Association of Canadian Advertisers Inc.
  • Jani Yates
    Institute of Communication Agencies
  • Linda Nagel (President and CEO)
    Advertising Standards Canada
  • Christina Bisanz
    Ontario Long Term Care Association
  • William Chambers
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Yanik Deschênes
    Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies
  • Patrick Dickinson
    The Bay
  • J. Eric Glass
    Procter & Gamble Inc
  • Kevin Skinner
    Consumer Care, Bayer Inc.
  • Anne-Marie LaBerge
  • Natalie Larivière
    Transcontinental Media G.P.
  • Marianne Lauzon
    L’Oréal Canada Inc.
  • Joel Levesque
    Moosehead Breweries Limited
  • Breydon MacDonald
    Chum Radio/CTVglobemedia
  • Sandy MacLeod
    Toronto Star
  • Brett Marchand
    Cossette Inc.
  • Jon Medline
    Canwest Television Limited Partnership
  • Crawford Wright
    AstraZeneca Canada Inc.

Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) is the national, not-for-profit, advertising industry self-regulatory body committed to creating and maintaining community confidence in advertising. ASC's members – leading advertisers, advertising agencies, media, and suppliers to the advertising industry – are committed to supporting responsible and effective advertising self-regulation.