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Children’s Advertising

Most social media and app provider logos now permitted in children’s commercials
The terms of use for social media services and app providers have evolved. As a result, the Children’s Clearance Committee will now approve logos and simple mentions of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and App Store in children’s broadcast advertising under the following conditions:

  • For Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the logo may be displayed and the service mentioned. However, because the terms of use for these services prohibit persons under 13 from having an account, no aspects of these services that require the provision of personal information (e.g., holding an account, liking/following, commenting, etc.) may be promoted;
  • For YouTube and App Store, the logo may also be displayed and the service mentioned. As well, given that these services allow persons under the age of 13 to use them with parental consent, service features that require the provision of personal information may be promoted if the commercial states in audio and video super that children should first get parental permission.

Further details regarding references to social media and app providers in children’s broadcast advertising are available in ASC’s updated The Children’s Broadcast Advertising Clearance Guide.

A note regarding video supers and voice-overs
The Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children requires that several statements – e.g., "Batteries not included", "Each sold separately", "Ask a parent before going online" – must be made clear both in audio and in video super. Video supers are required to be clear and legible, which is to say, of appropriate colour and sufficient size, contrast, clarity and duration to be read and understood by the viewer. Given the special characteristics of the child audience, supers may need to be more prominent than in commercials for an adult audience. Audio disclaimers should also be clear and easy for the child audience to understand.

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