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Sandy Macleod

Introducing 2016/2017 ASC Board of Directors

Advertising Standards Canada is pleased to announce its 2016/2017 Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Sandy MacLeod, Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd., has been elected to the office of Chair of the Board. Other Executive Committee members include Nancy Marcus (Vice Chair), Kruger Products L.P.; Gary Maavara (Treasurer), Corus Entertainment Inc.; Patrick Dickinson (Immediate Past Chair), Hudson’s Bay Company; and Ron Lund, Association of Canadian Advertisers.

See the complete list of the 2016/2017 Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Jani Yates

ASC Appoints Jani Yates as President and CEO

ASC is pleased to announce the appointment of Jani Yates to the position of President and CEO effective June 13, 2016. A renowned leader in the Canadian advertising industry, Jani brings over 30 years of industry experience to ASC, most recently at the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA), where she served as President for the past nine years.

Learn more about Jani’s appointment.

Linda Nagel

Linda J. Nagel to Receive 2016 Association of Canadian Advertisers Gold Medal

ASC’s current President and CEO will be awarded the 2016 ACA Gold Medal Award for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of marketing communications in Canada.

Read more about the award.

Release of ASC Research: Consumer Perspectives on Advertising 2016

To help shed light on how Canadians perceive the advertising they see, hear and read every day, ASC commissioned The Gandalf Group to research Canadians’ perceptions of advertising through an online survey of 1,564 Canadians. This research put a particular focus on consumer perceptions of sexism in advertising. The following are highlights from ASC Research: Consumer Perspectives on Advertising 2016 :

  • Canadians find certain advertising content to be almost universally unacceptable, including demeaning portrayals of persons with disabilities, animal abuse, racism, and depictions of bullying – even when intended as humour.
  • By a large margin, Canadians believe women are treated more unfairly than men in advertising. 47% believe that women are treated ‘somewhat’ or ‘very unfairly’ in Canadian advertising, while only 31% believe the same about men.
  • Canadians believe that sexism toward women is more prevalent in advertising than sexism toward men. 63% believe that at least some Canadian advertising is sexist toward women, while only 40% believe that at least some is sexist toward men.
  • While Canadians hold the company placing the ad most at blame for sexist ads (31%), they also apportion some blame to society at large (26%) and to advertising agencies (25%).
  • There are economic consequences to sexist advertising. Most respondents (67%) report they are less likely to buy a product from the company running a sexist ad.

To learn more, read the media release and the full report at www.adstandards.com/research.

ASC Releases 2015-2016 Annual Report

On May 5, ASC released its 2015-2016 Annual Report, which provides an overview of our achievements over the past year, including ASC’s 2015/2016 Consumer Research, the 2015 Complaints Report, the ASC AdChoices Accountability Program, the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative and ASC Clearance Services. It also includes Executive Messages from ASC’s President and CEO, Linda J. Nagel, and from the Chair of the Board, Sandy MacLeod.

To view the Annual Report, please visit adstandards.com/reports.

2016 Annual Meeting Breakfast Program

ASC’s 2016 Annual Meeting Breakfast Program took place on Thursday, May 5. It featured an advertising issues panel, entitled "Are Mad Men Mad at Women", followed by the release of ASC Research: Consumer Perspectives on Advertising 2016. David Herle, Principal Partner, The Gandalf Group, provided insights into key findings from this report.

During the "Are Mad Men Mad at Women" panel, five industry professionals explored the negative portrayals of women that still exist in some advertising, and debated both the causes and potential remedies. Panel participants: Susan Krashinsky (Moderator), The Globe and Mail; Karen Howe, Owner, The Township and Cannes Advisory Board Member; Jennifer Espey, PhD, Principal Partner, The Gandalf Group ;Randy Stein, Founding Partner, Grip Limited; and Natalie Wallace, Associate Marketing Manager, General Mills Canada Corporation.

ASC Releases 2015 Complaints Report

In April, Advertising Standards Canada released its Annual Ad Complaints Report – 2015 Year in Review. The report provides information about consumers’ complaints submitted to ASC in 2015 for review under the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. The following are some highlights:

  • 1,774 complaints submitted about 1,135 advertisements
  • 56% of pursued complaints alleged inaccurate or misleading advertising
  • 273 complaints received about advertising by non-commercial organizations ‒ the highest by sector
  • 242 complaints about 50 advertisements upheld by Standards Councils

"As in previous years, Canadians’ primary concern involved ads they believed were misleading or inaccurate. In 2015, more than 100 upheld complaints related to advertising claims that could not be substantiated," stated Janet Feasby, Vice President, Standards at ASC.

ASC Members Survey

In January 2016, The Gandalf Group conducted an online survey of ASC’s members to better understand what they valued most about membership, how familiar they are with our principal self-regulatory functions and how ASC could provide more value. The responses were reassuring - members report high levels of awareness of ASC’s Standards and Clearance roles, and lower levels of awareness of newer initiatives, such as the AdChoices Accountability Program. Members report value in having access to ASC staff and value the Annual Ad Complaints Report and our Consumer Research Reports. Members also indicated that they would be interested in ASC providing more information on topics such digital advertising and advertising to children.

Thank you to all those members who took the time to complete the survey. If you have any questions about the survey, or other queries about membership, please contact Randy Sageman, Director, Member Relations, at randy.sageman@adstandards.com or 416 961-6311 x 241.

Clearance Services News

ASC Clearance Services, in collaboration with Health Canada, is revising the Consumer Advertising Guidelines for Marketed Health Products (CAG) to include revisions to Schedule A, vaccines and medical devices. In webinars to the medical devices industry members held on Thursday, April 21 and Wednesday May 4, Health Canada described the inclusion of guidance for medical device advertising in this important document. Nicole Bellam, VP ASC Clearance Services, participated in the webinar to discuss ASC’s role and answer questions about the development of the CAG.

ASC Presentations

On April 18, Janet Feasby, VP, Standards, participated in a Canadian Bar Association webinar entitled "Testimonials, Endorsements and Online Reviews", which explored the unique legal compliance challenges presented by the use of bloggers, influencers, reviews and incentive endorsements in online marketing. Ms. Feasby discussed ASC’s draft Interpretation Guideline on testimonials, endorsements and reviews.

On May 2, Ms. Feasby participated in "A One-Stop Marketing & Advertising Law Workshop" with lawyers from Miller Thompson, which focused on regulatory enforcement with respect to various emerging marketing practices. She discussed trends in consumer advertising complaints related to ASC’s Ad Complaints Report – 2015 Year in Review.

Welcome New Official Representatives of ASC Members

An ASC Official Representative (OR) is the person designated by an ASC member company as its principal liaison to ASC. The following ASC member companies have identified a new OR:

  • Stephanie Gadbois, Show and Event Manager, Allied Beauty Association
  • Pascal Bricault, Director, Brand Strategy, Capital One Canada
  • Jackson Hitchon, Director of Marketing, Sweets & Refreshment, Snacks & Grocery, Hershey Canada Inc.
  • Naziah Lasi-Tejani, Director, Corporate Relations, Hoffman-La Roche Ltd.
  • Paul Copeland, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Inc.
  • Beverley D'Cruz, Director of Marketing, Kentucky Fried Chicken Canada Company
  • Julia L. Johnson, Associate, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
  • Claudia Calderon, Director of Marketing – CSD Portfolio, PepsiCo Beverages Canada
  • Kara Gilling, Portfolio Marketing Manager, Pizza Hut Canada Company
  • Robert Emery, Director, Revlon Brand, Revlon Canada Inc.
  • Paul Ramos, Executive VP of Finance & Operations, Shiseido (Canada) Inc.
  • Phillippe Alfonso, National Sales Operations Manager, Sleeman Breweries Ltd.
  • Samuel Heath, VP Marketing, Canada, Tim Hortons Advertising & Promotion Fund (Canada) Inc.
photo gallery 2016 ASC Annual Meeting Photo Gallery

Advertising Standards Canada held its Annual Meeting in Toronto, at The Carlu, on May 5, 2016.

Welcome Aboard – New ASC Members and Official Representatives

Dickinson Wright LLP

Dickinson Wright LLP

Official Representative: Wendy Hulton,

Gilead Sciences Canada Inc.

Gilead Sciences Canada Inc.

Official Representative: Michel Quintas,
Senior Manager HVC Marketing

Home Depot Canada

Home Depot Canada

Official Representative: Sonia Draper,
Director, Advertising

Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP

Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP

Official Representative: Brian Gray,
Senior Partner

Pinsky Law

Pinsky Law

Official Representative: Andrey Pinsky,

Hebdos Québec

Hebdos Québec

Official Representative: Gilber Paquette,
Executive Director and Marketing Director

Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Inc.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Inc.

Official Representative: Kristy Derkson,
Vice President and Group Leader, Health

Mark Your Calendars

May 25 – Consumer Perspectives on Advertising Luncheon Seminar
12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Hotel Omni Mont-Royal, Salon Été
1050 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2R6
Click here for more information
and to register.

May 26 – ICA Event "Beyond Advertising"
4:15 to 6:30 p.m.
Pantages Hotel
3rd Floor, 200 Victoria St., Toronto, ON M5B 1V8
Click here for more information
and to register.

June 9 - Alcoholic Beverage Advertising Clearance Breakfast Workshop
8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
Advertising Standards Canada
175 Bloor Street East, South Tower, Suite 1801, Toronto, ON, M4W 3R8
Click here for more information
and to register.

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Ad Standards is Canada’s national, independent, not-for-profit advertising self-regulatory body. We are committed to fostering community confidence in advertising and to ensuring the integrity and viability of advertising through responsible industry self-regulation. Ad Standards administers the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, the principal instrument of advertising self-regulation in Canada, and a national mechanism for accepting and responding to consumers’ complaints about advertising. Ad Standards Clearance Services reviews creative and offers consultative services in five categories, to help ensure advertising complies with relevant regulations.