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ASC Releases 2015 Consumer Research

On September 30th, Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) released its ASC Research: Consumer Perspectives on Advertising 2015, which found that a majority of Canadians continue to feel positively about advertising and get value from the ads they read, hear and see. This study followed up on our 2014 Consumer Perspectives on Advertising, which revealed that Canadians perceive higher levels of truth and accuracy in advertising appearing in traditional media versus advertising appearing online. To probe more deeply into consumer comfort levels concerning the truth and accuracy of advertising across all media, ASC commissioned The Gandalf Group to conduct further research earlier this year. This online survey, with a representative sample of 1,052 Canadians, put a particular spotlight on the influence of brand credibility on perceptions of the truth and accuracy of advertising in both online and traditional media.

Report highlights include:

  • The vast majority of Canadian consumers – roughly four in five - are at least somewhat comfortable with the levels of truth and accuracy in ads for their favourite products and services; those that they like, value and trust; those that are personally known to them; or those that have been recommended to them by friends.
  • For products and services they trust and value, a majority of consumers are "very" or "somewhat comfortable" with the levels of truth and accuracy of ads in both traditional media (81%) and online media (69%).
  • When it comes to types of online ads, Canadians are more comfortable with the levels of truth and accuracy in promotional emails, search, pre-roll and banner advertising than with other forms of digital advertising.

To learn more, read the media release and the full report at  www.adstandards.com/research

ASC & ACA Address Senate Committee on Food and Beverage Advertising to Kids

In June, Janet Feasby, ASC’s Vice President, Standards, together with Ron Lund, President and CEO, Association of Canadian Advertisers, spoke before the Canadian Senate Committee for Social Affairs, Science and Technology. The hearing was a part of the Senate’s Study on the increasing incidence of obesity in Canada: causes, consequences and the way forward and related specifically to how advertising practices impact childhood obesity. ASC’s Janet Feasby highlighted the uniqueness and effectiveness of Canada’s robust regulatory and self‑regulatory framework for advertising to children, which together with the Canadian Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CAI), represent best practices in advertising to children. The deputations can be found here.

ASC Releases 2014 CAI Compliance Report

In August, ASC released its seventh annual Canadian Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative: 2014 Compliance Report. The Report confirmed the continuing high level of compliance by the 18 companies participating (Participants) in the Canadian Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CAI) in meeting their program commitments from January 1 – December 31, 2014. The CAI is a living program that has evolved significantly since its inception. Participants continue to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to supporting healthier dietary choices and healthy lifestyles for children under 12 through program enhancements. As Canada’s national, independent advertising industry self-regulatory body, ASC serves as the CAI program administrator. View the media release here.

PSA Update

Thanks to the generous support of our media sponsors, ASC’s 2015 "Creativity is subjective. The truth isn’t," PSA campaign continues to appear on television, in newspapers, on radio and in out-of-home advertising across the country. "Our message that ‘Truth in Advertising Matters’ continues to resonate with industry and consumers alike, and the feedback about the spots has been very positive," commented Linda Nagel, President and CEO, ASC. There has been particular interest in the music track for the television spot entitled The Painter. Several people have asked about the name and composer of the piece, and for those of you who might also be wondering, it is "Badinerie" by J.S. Bach.

ASC Releases Updated Children’s Advertising Clearance Guide

On October 1, ASC Clearance Services released its revised Children’s Broadcast Advertising Clearance Guide at its popular introductory children’s advertising workshop. The updated guide is the definitive source of information on the current clearance guidelines regarding broadcast advertising to children. The workshop, designed to assist marketers and agency personnel understand and apply the requirements of the The Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children, is essential for new employees and a refresher for seasoned staff.

Children’s Clearance Committee – Holiday Schedule

In order to accommodate your clearance needs during the busy holiday period, ASC’s Children’s Clearance Committee has scheduled Special Holiday Meetings from September 8 to November 30. Please see the extended schedule.

Welcome New Official Representatives of ASC Members

An ASC Official Representative (OR) is the person designated by an ASC member company as the company’s principal liaison to ASC. The following ASC member companies have identified a new OR.

  • Melanie Johnston, President, DDB Canada
  • Mae MacKinnon, Non-Fare Revenue Programs Strategist, Edmonton Transit
  • Jackie Hardwick, Associate Director Marketing, Neuroscience & Men’s Health,
    Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
  • Darren Stokes, Vice President & General Manager, Extreme Reach – Canada
  • D’Arcy Finley, Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
  • Diane Goveia-Gordon, Managing Director, MGA Entertainment Canada
  • Jennifer Barban, Manager, Corporate Events & Community Relations, OLG
  • Karin Rossi, Publisher, Reader's Digest Brands - Canada,
    The Reader’s Digest Association
  • Derrick Cheung, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing & Real Estate, Translink

If we have missed somebody, or if there has been any transition in your organization, including office relocation, please let us know. Contact Randy Sageman, Director, Member Relations, at randy.sageman@adstandards.com or 416 961-6311 x 241.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Responsible Advertising Self-Regulation

We invite ASC members to show their support of responsible advertising self-regulation by using the ASC Member Logo in their corporate communications. Available in English, French and bilingual formats for use in print and digital publications, usage specifications and files are available by contacting randy.sageman@adstandards.com.

Did You Know?

There are a number of resources available for members. You can:

  • Take advantage of our ASC members-only discount and attend ASC events. Keep abreast of emerging industry and consumer issues pertaining to self-regulation, the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, as well as developments in advertising clearance. See the ASC Events Calendar for upcoming 2015 events.
  • Use ASC’s extensive online library as a one-stop repository of information regarding advertising industry self-regulation. In addition to Ad Complaints Reports and the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and related documents, you will find ASC consumer research, current guidelines and important information pertaining to advertising clearance.

If you have questions or want more information about membership resources and tools, contact Randy Sageman, Member Relations, at randy.sageman@adstandards.com or 416 961-6311 x 241.

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Welcome Aboard – New ASC Members and Official Representatives



Official Representative: Heather Crees,
Executive Vice President

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Official Representative: Michael I. Binetti,

City of Grande Prairie – Transit Services

City of Grande Prairie – Transit Services

Official Representative: Jason Henry,
Transit Services Manager

Distributions Khlôros

Distributions Khlôros

Official Representative: Maxime Grimard,
Scientific Director

Launch Pad Services, Inc.

Launch Pad Services, Inc.

Official Representative: Alex Shifrin,
Managing Partner

Stewart McKelvey

Stewart McKelvey

Official Representative: Nancy Rubin,

Imports Dragon

Imports Dragon

Official Representative: Véronique Léonard,
Brand Manager

Mark Your Calendars

Introduction to the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and Consumer Complaints Procedure
October 6 – Montreal (en Français)

8:45 to 10:00 a.m., Continental Breakfast available.
ASC – Montreal Office
2015 Peel St.
Suite 915
Montreal, QC, H3A 1T8
Click here for more information and to register.

Ad Standards is Canada’s national, independent, not-for-profit advertising self-regulatory body. We are committed to fostering community confidence in advertising and to ensuring the integrity and viability of advertising through responsible industry self-regulation. Ad Standards administers the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, the principal instrument of advertising self-regulation in Canada, and a national mechanism for accepting and responding to consumers’ complaints about advertising. Ad Standards Clearance Services reviews creative and offers consultative services in five categories, to help ensure advertising complies with relevant regulations.